17 Ways to Make Money on a Website | Part 1 - Web Banners

  • 15 March 2020, 04:49 AM
  • Piotr Marek, CEO 4media.com
17 Ways to Make Money on a Website | Part 1 - Web Banners

17 Ways to Make Money on a Website | Part 1 - Web banners

I would like to introduce you a series of articles that (I hope) will be able to increase the profits from your website.

Due to the difficult times caused by you-know-what, I want to share best practices from over 800 local media outlets operating in 5 countries, with which I cooperate. I hope you will find that knowledge useful.

Today I want to tell you a little bit about 3 typical mistakes of web banners. This is the first thing you must check, when you see droppings of your revenues from ads.

Ok, enough chit-chat. Let’s get going!


Web banners on your website. Why they does not earn?

This source of income seems obvious. Web banners have always been the primary way to earn money online. However, when analysing local websites, I have encountered several recurring errors which hinder the maximisation of profits.


Error No. 1: improper placement of banners

As an editor or a journalist, you love creating content. When designing a website, you often do not think where to best place the banners.

We usually put a banner at the top of the site, in the footer, and somewhere on the side.


But it's not enough.

TIP: Do not be afraid to introduce more of them by locating additional banners between the sections in the middle of the site.


Web banners errors


Error No. 2: no banners in articles

Your readers will often not visit the main site. You post something interesting on Facebook and link straight to the article.

Done reading? Bam! Back to Facebook.

TIP: An empty hit without a mid-text banner, which according to our analysis is among the most likely to be clicked on.

Remember that!


web banners errors typical mistakes


Error No. 3: wrong charging model

Local media usually charge a flat fee - a fee for displaying the banner for an agreed period.

Analyse how many impressions such a banner generates and how often it is clicked on.

TIP: Maybe it would be wise to charge some advertisers on the basis of the CPM model, i.e. a fee for each 1,000 impressions or the CPC model - paying for the result, i.e. each click.


web banners error earnings


And what you will add?

Share with us in the comment! We will update the article and thus help other local media.


Piotr Marek CEO 4media


Piotr Marek, CEO 4media

For almost 10 years I have been creating news websites. I am also the owner and editor of Expresselblag.pl. For roughly 5 years I have been networking local media within the Tipmedia/4media.com Group.


Piotr Marek, CEO 4media.com



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