17 Ways to Make Money on a Website | Part 3 - Sponsored Articles

  • 13 April 2020, 05:48 AM
  • Piotr Marek, CEO 4media.com
17 Ways to Make Money on a Website | Part 3 - Sponsored Articles

17 Ways to Make Money on a Website | Part 3 - Sponsored Articles

Here is a source I recommend for both the local and the global market.

Let’s begin with the former. Sponsored articles, the so called “content marketing”, are a trend growing in strength.

We do not describe a company’s offer directly in a sponsored article, but rather show the benefits of a certain product. The company’s name, a link, or a phone number are just mentioned by the way. We usually promote such an article from one to three days on the main page of our website.


Sponsored Articles - What To Write About?

You can write articles focused on one company only - e.g. an article on a special method of strengthening hair used only at Ms. Anna’s hair salon...

...or articles with several links, e.g. 10 ideas for holidays in the city, where we provide a list of trampoline parks, ball pits, go-kart circuits, etc. - all of which have to pay us for it.


SEO Articles

A different kind of sponsored articles are SEO articles - ones that enhance the position in search engines.

TIP: They contain a link with a special “dofollow” attribute. It means that the link can be seen by search engine robots, such as those of Google. A link of that sort enhances the position in search results concerning certain keywords.

Articles of that nature are usually not promoted on the main page. It is less important to reach a defined audience. The link to the advertiser’s website is key.

At Tipmedia/4media.com we collaborate with both large SEO agencies and directly with brands such as Pracuj.pl or Rankomat, which order publications on websites from our network on a monthly basis. How many such orders are there? Each month we publish up to 1,000 articles! If you do not currently work with us, feel invited to join.



Share with us in the comment! We will update the article and thus help other local media.


Piotr Marek CEO 4media


Piotr Marek, CEO 4media

For almost 10 years I have been creating news websites. I am also the owner and editor of Expresselblag.pl. For roughly 5 years I have been networking local media within the Tipmedia/4media.com Group.


Piotr Marek, CEO 4media.com



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