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  • 12 February 2020, 04:42 PM
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For the purpose of this article, we have analysed almost 40 websites of local and regional newspapers, TV stations, online publishers, and radio broadcasters.

We checked if they have a “contact” or “advertising” tab and what it includes.

You might find the results surprising.


31 of the websites do not provide complete contact data of the company (they lack one of the basic forms of contact - a phone number or an email address). 12 of the websites indicate a person or a department to be approached in matters of advertising. In 23 cases there was no separate “advertising” tab. In 9 cases the most popular advertising formats available on the website are listed and in 7 cases the website contains a price list. In only two cases there was a map provided to show where the company’s office is located.


“The shoemaker’s children go barefoot”. You can use this saying when evaluating how the city media’s website content and contact tabs are prepared to sell advertising space and airtime. However, it is worthwhile to spare a thought about what image of our company it creates. When working on your website, it is a good idea to assess its usefulness for the users, including those who would like to get in touch with us to report an intriguing story, send us their CV or express their desire to buy an advertisement. Below you will find a handful of hints which are worth keeping in mind when working on your website.


The “contact” tab:

The “contact” tab should be clearly displayed on the website, so that the company contact data can be swiftly located. The best places are the main bar and the footer.


If we choose to list the members of our team, we should write who does what, so that an interested person immediately finds the proper recipient, e.g. John Smith - editor-in-chief, Anne Person - advertising.


Following that, right next to the phone number, a company should provide a short and easy to remember email address. It should be of the same domain as the company’s website (let’s say your company domain is www.your-company.com, the email address might be [email protected]). It is vital that the email address points to a person or a department showing where to send a given query, e.g. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]).


That way we get an orderly system of both internal and external communication, and the person who wishes to contact us, knows who to approach with questions about advertisements and where to send their question concerning invoice details.


It is a good idea to use tools facilitating contacting us on the website. They are often free and allow for quick and direct contact. They include:

  • an inquiry form,
  • instant messaging - FB Messenger, Skype, online chat.


It may be of assistance for people seeking to reach our company to have data required to issue an invoice in the “contact” tab. Often it is enough to provide the tax identification number and the full name of the company. Unhindered contact increases the effectiveness of the company’s operations.


A problem often noticed on websites is adding “dead” social media contact links. They might not be up-to-date or they might lead to profiles which nobody really manages or updates. If you have no time or skill to manage social media accounts, do not give up on it. Think who might help you. These channels will allow you to reach a large portion of your audience. It is worth taking advantage of.


The “advertising” tab:

The “advertising” tab is what advertises you. Remember that phrase! You do not have to provide the complete price list, describe advertising spots, newspaper modules, or all the advertising space on your website. The purpose of the tab is to explain why it is a good idea to buy an advertisement at your company in particular. Get your language of benefits ready, as it will encourage contact. This tab is meant to boost your image. Oftentimes, your client does not know what they need. Is only when talking to them or meeting them that you will be able to determine what type of an advertisement is useful for them, what their budget is, and what you can do together. Remember to include a call to action in the content: “contact us”, “ask about our stats”, “email us”, “call us”. Below you will find sample content of a local TV “advertising” tab:


Effective advertising on TV, on the Internet, and on Facebook - it has never been as easy!

You can reach 150,000 prospective customers in Elbląg, Braniewo, Pasłęk, and the area today!


- a promotional video clip about the station - voice-over text:

If you want to present your offer on TV, on the Internet, or on Facebook, reach over 150,000 people cheaply and effectively, watch this clip all the way! Truso.tv is a regional platform providing information on what interesting things are going on in Elbląg, Braniewo, Pasłęk, and the area. We are the only station broadcasting through Vectra, a network which reaches every second household in Elbląg and Braniewo. Those who do not watch TV, read and watch us on www.truso.tv, on our Facebook profile, and other social media. Truso.tv is an experienced team. We can prepare a advertising spot, an online banner, a Facebook contest, or a sponsored article. We can advise you on how to efficiently acquire customers. Get ahead of your competition! Contact us and learn more!


We will advise you on how to efficiently acquire customers. We will show your offer everywhere!

- on TV - channel 140 of the Vectra network,

- online at www.truso.tv,

- on Facebook - www.facebook.com/truso.tv,

- in the free local news mobile app.

Truso.tv means effective advertising! Ask us about our stats!


Our team of experts shall prepare advertisement materials for you for as cheap as 1 USD!

- a TV spot or a video showcase,

- a sponsored article,

- an online banner,

- a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Check out our quality. See some examples of our productions on produkcje.truso.tv!

How else can we help you?

Contact us and learn more!


Let’s state it once more - the “advertising” tab is supposed to encourage contact.




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