FAQ 4media


Frequently Asked Questions




1. Webpage Domain  – what you should know?

One of the first steps to start your own webpage is to choose and register a domain name. Remember that by registering a domain you become its subscriber, not the owner - you acquire the right to use the domain as long as your domain fee is paid.

Remember that 4media.com doesn’t work as a domain registrar.


2. Does 4media.com can be a subscriber (registering and paying fee) of my webpage domain?

No - 4media.com does not offer domain registration services for its clients.
Our client is a person who registers and then pays fee for the chosen domain periodically - for himself or for his company in order to acquire the formal right to manage the domain.


3. Does 4media.com provide email hosting services for its clients?

No, 4media.com doesn’t provide e-mail hosting services for our clients.


4. Who is the provider of our hosting services?

Our software works on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud web hosting solution that is monitored 27/7 by our developers.


5. Migration of the database content - how does it work?

For those of our clients who are interested in the migration issue, we conduct an analysis verifying the possibilities of migrating the content of the database of their current webpage. All we need to know is information about which elements of the current database our client would like to transfer to our hosting (articles, photo / video galleries, a list of classified ads, business directory etc.) and access to the current database.
After conducting the analysis, our programmer indicates which data can be transferred and gives us the estimated time of his work

6. License Agreement - what is it about?
By choosing our software, you sign a News Portal Limited License Agreement (“Agreement”) with us - this means that 4media.com is the Licensor (the owner) who under the contract gives you the authorization (a license) to use the software. So during the term of the Agreement you are the Licensee of our software. The Agreement can be terminated at any time by both parties, though it comes to an end on the expiry of the period of notice.

7. Use of the CMS system and the ownership

The client concluding the News Portal Limited License Agreement with 4media.com is still the owner of all his content which he publishes with the use of our software.



1. How long does it take to prepare a demo version of the CMS system?

We will prepare the demo version and make it available to you within 24 hours.


2. Does 4media.com offer its clients a special training in the use of the CMS system?

Yes! We do offer our new clients free implementation trainings to get them know our software and learn how to manage it freely.



1. How much time does the client wait for the help of our Support Team?

We try to respond to every request as soon as possible to minimize the waiting time for a response on our part. We will solve your/each problem within 24 hours.


2. How do I report my problem?

We’ve launched an email address for our clients: [email protected] which is handled by our team of specialists - thanks to that we won’t overlook any message. 
Just write us an email message describing your problem and we’ll react as soon as possible.



1. 4media.com as an advertising broker - how does it work? What are the benefits for the publisher?

Acting as an advertising broker, we deliver our clients additional options for advertising campaigns (online advertising). Thanks to our actions, our clients gain additional revenue from the digital display advertising.


2. What types of ads and advertising campaigns do we deliver as an advertising broker? What about the distribution of profits?

Our clients are provided with banner campaigns, sponsored content and video ads. We only acquire those advertising campaigns which ale delivered by nationwide or international Advertisers. We do not interfere in the local market of our clients. We do share the profit from the delivered ads with our clients - in accordance with the conditions set out in the Agreement.


3. What types of ads and advertising spaces are available within CMS 4media system?

Our CMS system offers advertising spaces dedicated to banner campaigns - these are both permanent and rotating advertising spaces.

Other types of advertising available in the CMS system are:
- contextual advertising (connected to the keyword in the body of the article)
- audio advertising (broadcast before the target audio material)
- video advertising (broadcast before the main video material)
- pop-up ads (pop-up displayed after entering the main page of the portal)
- website background

4. Which models of campaigns' settlement are available?

Campaigns settlement models that we offer:
- CPM (Cost Per Mille) - this is the set cost per 1000 impressions of a given ad unit.
- CPC (Cost Per Click) - billing where the advertiser pays for each click on the ad.
- Flat Fee - a model in which the advertiser pays a set amount for the emission of a given ad unit within a specified period of time.